October 26, 2011 Reg. Session Board Meeting Agenda

I. Preliminary

A. Call to order.

B. Roll Call. Establish Quorum.

C. Members Forum – Limited to 3 minutes per owner.

II. Consent Calendar

A. No Items.

III. Approval/Acceptance/Review of Minutes

A. Board Meeting Minutes for Approval:

i. Regular Session: September 28, 2011

ii. Special Session: October 7, 2011

B. Committee Minutes for Acceptance:

i. Landscape Committee – September 13, 2011

ii. Finance & Insurance – September 21, 2011

iii. Pool Committee – September 19, 2011

C. Committee Minutes for Review:

i. Landscape Committee – Draft October 11, 2011

ii. Finance & Insurance – Draft October 19, 2011

iii. Pool Committee – Draft October 17, 2011

IV. Reports

A. Treasurer’s Report


B. Manager’s Report

V. Old Business

A. September 2011 Work Order Update

VI. New Business

A. Organizational Board Meeting: Dec. 7, 2011

B. Committee Member Resignation:

VII. Adjourn to Executive Session

A. Approval of Minutes:

i. September 28, 2011

B. Personnel

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