Website Committee (WC)

Sara Lombardo, Chair

Formation May 2020 & Original Purpose:

The Website Committee established ad hoc by the Board of Directors in May 2020 was tasked with researching how to update the prior HOA website, which had been inactive for four years. After a few months of research, the Committee (with the approval of the Board of Directors) modified its goal. The new mission was to rebuild and redesign the website into a user-friendly format to make it easy for residents to access important community information and to increase communication between the Board of Directors, the HOA, and the Residents. The committee now remains a standing HOA committee that maintains the website.

During its first year in operation, the committee redesigned and rebuilt the website by:

    • Redesigning the website’s structure, format, navigation, and security, creating new features, and implementing content and navigation improvements.
    • Updating content and posting Minutes, Agendas, Forms, Communications, Charters, and other essential documents from the Board of Directors and Official Committees from January 1, 2019, to the present. All previous documents were to remain archived on the site.
    • Posted all Newsletters; updated and posted all governance documents; posted financial documents since 2019 and archived earlier ones.
    • Updated pages including Announcements, photos & community video, Management and Contact Information.

Current Purpose:

Since the Website has been redesigned and updated, the Website Committee remains responsible for keeping it current in all respects. It also continues to consider adding new features and other improvements. The committee also maintains an email,, to provide technical help and answer questions.


1. The committee meets on the second Tuesday of the month as needed. All committee meetings are held via Zoom teleconference and are open to homeowners who may participate in the open forum discussion but cannot vote. Meeting times with Zoom details will be posted on the bulletin board and/or distributed by email.

2. The Committee Chair may be a board member who acts as liaison to the board and votes only to break a tie.

3. Meetings and actions of the committee shall be governed by its Charter and in
in accordance with provisions of the Crosswoods Homeowners Association CC&Rs.

Committee Membership:

1. Members resigning from the committee shall do so in writing to the Committee Chair
who in turn, will notify the Board of Directors.

2. Upon recommendation from the Website Committee, vacancies on the committee are appointed by the Board.

The Website Committee meets on the second Tuesday of every month, as needed, at 3:30 PM.

WC Agenda & Meeting Minutes

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