Website Committee (WC)

Sara Lombardo, Chair

The Website Committee was formed for the purpose of updating and restoring the old HOA website, which had been idle for four years.

The Committee’s goal is to format the website to make it easy for residents to access important community information and to increase communication between the Board of Directors, the HOA, and the Residents.

Restoration of the site includes:

    • Updating and posting Minutes, Agendas, Forms, Communications, Charters and other important documents from the Board of Directors and Official Committees dated January 1, 2019 to the present. All previous documents will remain on the site but be archived.

    • Posting all Newsletters.

    • Updating and posting all Crosswoods Governance documents.

    • Posting Financial documents for the years 2020 and archiving earlier ones.

    • Updating pages for Announcements, Pictures, and Contact Information.

    • Considering the addition of new features and other improvements.

Once updated, it will be the continuing responsibility of the Website Committee to keep the site current in all respects.

The Website Committee meets the second Tuesday of every month at 3:30 PM.

WC Agenda & Meeting Minutes

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