Neighborhood Watch Program (NWP)

Rita Nemeth, Coordinator

The Crosswoods HOA Neighborhood Watch Program has been organized to update and support the current Neighborhood Watch activities within the community.

Purpose of Crosswoods HOA Neighborhood Watch Program (Watch Program):

The purpose of Watch Program is to prevent or minimize crime. To achieve this goal, the Crosswoods HOA Board of Directors (Board) partners with the Citrus Heights Police Department (CHPD) in obtaining and distributing crime and crime prevention information to Crosswoods residents (i.e., homeowners and tenants), and by reporting criminal and suspicious activities to the police whenever they occur. 

    • The Program includes a Coordinator and Watch Captains.  
    • The Watch Program Coordinator acts as a liaison to Watch Captains and the Board of Directors. 
    • Watch Captains may be elected by their neighbors or are simply the first to volunteer! Watch Captains are recommended for every 10-15 houses, and should be directly involved with their immediate neighbors
    • Watch Captains will act as liaisons to the residents of their streets (duties of Coordinator and Captains described in attached Charter below). 
    • All Crosswoods residents are encouraged to know their neighbors, work together as a community, and participate in all aspects of the Watch Program.

The Neighborhood Watch Coordinator will host Captain meetings once a quarter (January, April, July, and October) to discuss and possibly help solve neighborhood issues and deterrence of crime. All meetings are open to homeowners. 

What is Neighborhood Watch?
Neighborhood Watch (NW) is a citizen-based program in which neighbors work together to stop suspicious activity and lower crime rates in their area.  The active participation of Crosswoods HOA residents in cooperation with the Citrus Heights Police Department helps create and ensure a safe environment for the entire community. 

No one person or law enforcement agency can be aware of every situation that occurs in a neighborhood at all times.  That’s why neighbors, working together, are the best defense against crime!  By implementing basic crime prevention techniques, watching out for one another, and reporting suspicious activity to police, neighbors can create a unified front against crime. 

At Crosswoods HOA, sections of the community have a designated Neighborhood Watch Captain (Captain).  The Captain maintains and distributes an updated list of residents and contact information for the location; greets and welcomes new neighbors and invites them to be part of the NW.  The Captain will also disseminate information to neighbors such as crime patterns in the area. 

Neighborhood Watch Program Charter; Coordinator & Captain Roles and Responsibilities

Background: At the February 23, 2022 open Board meeting, the Crosswoods Board of Directors approved a proposal from the then Chair of the Neighborhood Watch Committee to disband the Committee and replace it with the current Neighborhood Watch Program (NWP). Click here to access the approved proposal.

Crosswoods Community – click on map to see a larger version

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