Contract Review Committee (CRC)

Christine Swars, Chair

The Contract Review Committee serves as the advisors to the Board of Directors on matters of contract(s) presented for approval to the Board. The Committee reviews existing and potential contracts to determine whether the terms and conditions of those contracts are in the best interest of the CHOA.

The Committee reviews the established processes for the award of CHOA contracts and will recommend to the Board any necessary changes or exceptions and advises the Board of compliance with the processes for contracts presented for approval.

The Committee assists the Board in developing procedures to assure that the processes are in compliance. The Committee also assists in the wording of solicitations to include exhibits such as the Scope of Work, terms, and conditions, and other necessary documents to assure that the best interests of CHOA are achieved.

The Contracts Review Committee meets as needed.

CRC Agenda & Meeting Minutes

CRC Charter

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