Contract Review Committee Charter

The Contract Review Committee is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Board of Directors. It is composed of at least 4 homeowners in good standing. A Board Liaison may serve on· the committee, as deemed necessary by the Board. The Board Liaison both acts as a liaison for the Board and is a voting member. The Committee recommends a chairperson to the Board of Directors for approval.

The Crosswoods Homeowners Association (CHOA) is managed by a Board of Directors (Board) through a contract with a management company for the day to day operation of the facility.


  • The Committee serves as the advisors to the Board of Directors on matters of contract(s) presented for approval to the Board.

  • The Committee reviews existing and potential contracts to determine whether the terms and conditions of those contracts are in the best interest of the CHOA.The Committee reviews the established processes for the award of CHOA contracts and will recommend to the Board any necessary changes or exceptions and advises the Board of compliance with the processes for contracts presented for approval.

  • The Committee assists the manager in developing procedures to assure that the processes are complied with. The Committee also assists in the wording of solicitations to include exhibits such as the Scope of Work, terms and conditions, and other necessary documents to assure that the best interests of CHOA are achieved.


  • The Committee is to meet monthly on a date and at a time set by the committee chair and approved by the Board.

  • Determined by frequency and value of contracts being evaluated, individual Committee members may be called upon to review potential contracts and report their findings to the Committee.

  • Meetings and actions of the Committee shall be governed by, held and taken in accordance with provisions of the CHOA Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs). A meeting of the Committee may also be called by the Board.

  • All Committee meetings are open to the homeowners who may participate in the open forum discussion but cannot vote. Meeting times and places will be posted on the bulletin board and in the Crosswoods Reporter.


  • Members resigning from the committee shall do so in writing to the Board.

  • Upon recommendation from the Committee, new members for the Committee are approved by the Board.

CRC Agenda & Meeting Minutes

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