Landscape Committee (LC)

Bob Acrea, Chair

The duty of the Landscape Committee is to oversee common area landscaping matters, work with Management to resolve issues, and recommend a course of action to the Board of Directors, where needed.  Landscape Committee duties fall generally into the following two categories: 

    1. Overseeing the Beauty of the Common Grounds, including:
      • The tagging, creating, and maintaining of an inventory of all common area trees; tree trimming and removal; treatment or removal of diseased trees.  
      • The planting of trees, shrubs, and other plants.  
      • Meeting with Maintenance Crews to identify common area problems such as the need for additional landscaping or clean-up and recommending a plan to handle the removal of existing plant material and installation of new ones.  
      • The installation or removal of turf (lawn) areas. 
      • The installation of steppingstones, ornamental objects, and plant containers.  
      • The handling of irrigation issues.
      • Assist in identifying the scope of work for maintenance contracts and on-site reviews with landscape contractor.
    1. Working with Homeowners on requested alterations and overseeing Homeowner adherence to the Landscape Rules as outlined in the CC&R’s. 
      • Any homeowner requests for alterations to common ground landscaping must be first submitted to the Landscape Committee using the Landscape Concerns for Review Form. A copy of this form can be downloaded below. Upon receiving an application, the LC, along with landscape crew leaders, will visit the property and meet with the homeowner. Together the group will recommend a solution that falls within the Crosswoods guidelines. 
      • The project will be referred to Management for a cost estimate.  If the cost is approved by the resident, the application will be submitted to the Board for final approval. 
      • The Landscape Committee also documents violations of the CC&R by the residents for Management review and resolution.

The Landscape Committee meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 9AM, to visit the homes applying for alterations, and then again at 10:30 for their general meeting.  

Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability Claims
for Performing Volunteer Landscaping Work

Landscape Alteration Application

CHOA Landscape Rules

Landscape Committee Charter

Landscape Standard of Care – Updated 06-15-2016

LC Meeting Minutes

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