Landscape Committee Charter

The Landscape Committee is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Board of Directors. The Board will appoint a Director to serve as liaison with the committee.


The committee will receive and process requests for landscape concerns from homeowners, management, and the Board of Directors, and approve, disapprove, or modify such requests subject to final authority of the Directors.

The committee will also receive comments regarding landscape maintenance and respond appropriately, and otherwise serve as a channel of communication concerning Crosswoods landscaping between homeowners, management, the landscape supervisor, and the Board of Directors.

The committee shall provide advice to the landscaping contractor concerning landscaping issues.


The Landscape Committee is to meet monthly. Minutes of each meeting will be provided to management for inclusion in the agenda for the monthly board meeting.

The committee is to meet regularly with the landscape account manager and groundskeeping crew and conduct its business with the account manager’s advice and assistance. The committee will also advise the account manager, upon request, and communicate any homeowners’ comments.

The committee is to maintain a continuous concerned interest and communication on behalf of Crosswoods homeowners on the condition of the native and cultivated landscape of all the common property and is to keep the Association Manager informed of changes, problems, and issues relating to the landscape.

All meetings of the committee are open to the homeowners. Meeting times and place will be posted on the bulletin board and in the Crosswoods Reporter.

The committee chair will notify the Association Manager of any resignation of any committee member. Resignations should be submitted to the committee in writing.

Landscape Committee Minutes

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