Pool Committee (PC)

Pam Ashby, Chair

The Pool Committee is made up of a group of volunteer homeowners who are dedicated to the quality and security of the Associations three swimming pools. They provide regular inspections of the pools to assure that the surroundings and restrooms are clean and properly equipped. They also watch for trespassers, vandals, misbehavior, and/or the improper use of the pools. Safety is a primary concern.

The Pool Committee reports to the Board of Directors and to the Association Manager when the situation requires immediate attention. Trespassing and vandalism are immediately reported to the Citrus Heights Police Department. If you do not have a pool fob (pool entry key) or you have lost your pool fob, please contact the Office Manager.

The Pool Committee meets the 3rd Monday of the month at 4PM (only while pools are open).

*Note: Current Pool Rules resulting from the Pandemic, are set forth in the links, below:


Pool Reservation Form

PC Agenda & Meeting Minutes

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