Paying Association Dues

Silvercreek Management provides Crosswoods Association members a convenient portal ( to pay association dues online. You can choose to make a one-time payment or set up re-occurring automatic payments. It is important to note that your annual insurance assessment is now included in the monthly payment.

While sending in a monthly check using payment book coupons is perfectly acceptable, your Board of Directors strongly encourages using our management company’s online portal to make your payments as this will save the HOA (and therefore its members) both time and money. In addition automatic payments are a convenient way to keep your association dues current with little to no effort. Signing up is easy to do and you always have complete control. Once re-occurring payments are set up, you will receive an email each month confirming payment.

Below are the instructions for setting up automatic payments

The Account Number noted on your coupon book is all you need to open an online account. It’s easy and you can use your checking account or, for a small fee, any major credit card to make your monthly payments or any other payments. Keep in mind that when you sign up for recurring online payments, they take affect the following month.

Creating Your Online Account with Silvercreek:

      1. Open your internet browser and go to Then click on Homeowner <login> at the top right corner of the page.
      2. On the Owner login page, if you have not been issued a temporary password by Silvercreek, make no entries in the email and password boxes. Instead, Select <Sign up> (the orange box under password).
      3. On the next page, Register New User, select <I do not have a valid key> under the Registration Key Box.
      4. Next, on the Crosswoods Homeowners Sign Up page, fill in the boxes: email address, name, phone, property address, Association, and Account number (from your Coupon Book). Select <Create>.
      5. An email with a temporary password will be sent to you from Silvercreek.
      6. Once received, you can use your email and temporary password to sign into the portal and set up your monthly payments.

Once you have received an email from Silvercreek issuing you a temporary password, Set up your Online Dues Payments.  You have four options available to you to pay your dues online: (1) Auto Draft (2) Recurring eCheck (3) One Time Check or (4) Credit Card. 

Below are instructions for setting up the two most commonly used options

      1. Open your internet browser and go to Then click on Homeowner login at the top right corner of the page.
      2. Enter the email and temporary password displayed in the email sent by Silvercreek. Select <login> to take you to the Owner Dashboard page.

To Set up Auto Draft* option:

      1. From the left-side owner menu, select <Make a Payment>. On the Payment Page, select <Auto-Draft> orange button. On the Auto Draft enrollment page, scroll down the page to find your listed property and select the orange field <enroll/update all properties>.
      2. On the Auto Draft form page fill in the requested information: checking account number, bank routing number, and start date. Start date must be before the 5th of the month. Once complete, select the orange button <enroll in Auto-Draft>. If you are setting up auto draft after the 5th of the month the auto draft will not pay the assessments until the next month.
      3. The next page should show your enrolled property with the last 4 digits of your checking account number and your bank routing number. This verifies you are enrolled in Auto Draft.

To Set up Recurring eCheck** option:  (UPDATED)

      1. On the Payment Page, select <Recurring eCheck> orange button. On the Recurring eCheck payments page, scroll down to find the orange <new recurring payment>. Select it.
      2. Enter all your banking information (checking account number, bank routing number). Then choose when (monthly or quarterly) and how much you wish to pay on a recurring basis. Be sure to choose an early enough date to avoid a late fee. Payments will take effect during the next billing cycle.   PLEASE NOTE:  In October 2021 a security feature was added to the eCheck option which requires owners to authorize payments via eSignature.  Simply type your first and last name into the eSignature field to submit payment.  If you are set up for recurring payments, you only need to submit an eSignature one time.  If you are making individual payments, you will be prompted to submit an eSignature for each payment.

      3. Then select the orange box <Schedule Payment>. The next page should be the Recurring eCheck Payments page showing your property and the payment set-up.

*The advantage of the Auto draft option is that it is pretty much set it and forget it.  If there are any increases or decreases in dues they will be automatically calculated and applied.  This is also the preferred option if you rent an RV spot.

**The disadvantage of the Recurring eCheck option is that if there are any changes in dues, you must go into your account and manually adjust payment amounts and if you enter incorrect amounts you may be subject to late fees.


Dues by check

If you want to pay yours dues by check, mail your check with payment coupon to our secure lockbox payment processing center using the following address:

Crosswoods Homeowners Association
c/o Silvercreek Association Management
P.O Box 98136
Phoenix Az, 85038

When mailing your payments, please write your account number (if known), OR your
address in the ‘MEMO LINE’ of your check to ensure prompt posting of your payment.

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