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View Account Balance, Access Forms and Submit Service Requests
To view your account balance/account history with FirstService Residential, access the Connect Resident Portal at (for assistance registering, please click here. Once in the Connect Resident Portal, please click “View More” in the Account section on the upper left hand side of the screen; here, you will see up to 6 months of transactional history with FirstService. You can also submit service requests and view progress updates, access forms and documents, and view other community information.  For additional information on the Connect Resident Portal, please click here.

How can I pay my monthly dues?
Your first statement will be arriving by late February. This statement will only reflect your current monthly dues. When we receive the final accounts receivable support from the previous management company, we will update each homeowner’s account accordingly.

Your Monthly Dues Payment Options

You will continue to receive monthly statements as a courtesy. If you would prefer to receive e-statements, please visit and click Register Here.

Pay Monthly Dues Online
You can make one-time or automatic recurring online bill payments by e-check (ACH) from your bank account or with your credit or debit card through ClickPay. There is no cost to you when making payments online by e-check (ACH). Please note that a small fee is charged by ClickPay to pay by credit or debit card.

You can access ClickPay by visiting and by clicking Register. Create your online profile and connect your home using the 8-digit Access Number listed on your statement. Sign up with ClickPay today and enjoy the convenience of online payments!  See Creating your Profile below for ClickPay instructions.

Please note: if your last name contains “TTEE”, indicating a trust, you will need to include that in the “Last Name” field (i.e. “Smith TTEE”)

    • Pay by e-check (ACH) for FREE or by credit/debit card for a small fee
    • Pay 24/7/365 from your smartphone, tablet or other media device
    • Set it and forget it with automatic recurring payments
    • Manage and track your online payment history

For help with your account or setting up payments online, visit ClickPay’s support center at for access to FAQs step-by-step walkthroughs, live chat and email support or call 888.354.0135 (option 1). Please see the quick registration guide located on the back of this guide.

Pay Monthly Dues by Check
To mail your monthly dues payment, please send a check to the address below with the remit slip from your monthly statement.

Croswoods Homeowners Association
c/o FirstService Residential
PO Box 30354
Tampa, FL 33630

Pay Monthly Dues Using your Bank’s Bill Pay Service
You may continue to use your own bank’s bill pay service. Please be sure to update the address to the PO Box listed above. You will also need to reference your new 8-digit Access Number, found on your Welcome Letter.

Below are instructions for setting up dues payments thru ClickPay – a convenient and secure way for you to manage and make payments online.

Creating your Profile
Visit, click Register, and then create your online profile.

Connecting your Profile
Enter the FirstService Residential 8-digit Access Number found on your statement coupon and the Last Name listed on the property agreement.

    • Last Name Entered Not Working?
      Try the co-owner last name of if a business, the full name of the business associated with your unit. If your last name contains “TTE” for trust, you will need to include that in the “Last Name” (i.e, “Smith TTEE”)
    • Direct-Debit Users
      If you’re looking to gain access to your existing automatic ACH Direct-Debit profile transition to ClickPay, you will be required to verify your banking details associated with this payment schedule.

Make a One-Time Payment
From the home screen, confirm your payment amount and then click Continue.

    • Adding a Payment Option
      When setting up one-time or automatic payments, you will be required to select a new or existing payment option, including e-check (ACH) for free or credit and debit card for a nominal fee.

Connecting your Profile
From the home screen, click Auto Pay and then select your payment option, payment frequency and amount.

    • Full Amount
      Select this option if you want to pay all charges on your account automatically including monthly due charges, special assessments and one-time fees.
    • Pay Recurring Charges and Scheduled Monthly Dues Only
      Select this option if you would prefer to only pay recurring charges automatically, such as monthly dues fees, parking, storage etc. Miscellaneous one-time charges, such as one-time special assessments, late fees or work orders, are not included.
    • Fixed Amount
      Select this option if you want to pay a fixed amount of the total due. Any amount due above the fixed amount will not be paid automatically and you will need to submit a separate, one-time payment for any overage.
      Please ensure your payments are scheduled to run no more than 2-3 days prior to your payment being due as your balance may not be available to pull through ClickPay until on or after this date.








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