A HomeOwner’s Perspective

There is only one way to experience Crosswoods. Here’s a little glimpse of the good life through the eyes of a homeowner, Crosswoods’ very own Beatrice Bailey.

Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

No wait, that’s from the Wizard of Oz.

Turkeys, Raccoons and Mountain Lions, Oh My!

Now that‘s Crosswoods!

Crosswoods is one of the best kept secrets in all of Sacramento County.

The odd thing about turkeys is that while they will move from time to time, they normally move to another location within Crosswoods. I have lived in Crosswoods for almost 20 years and the peace and quiet that this complex affords me is indescribable. The 451 homes in Crosswoods are cluster homes that may have a common roof, but actually are independent homes. The Crosswoods Homeowners’ Association is a skilled organization that manages the day to day activities of the complex and I have found them to be responsive to my needs as a homeowner. The dues are reasonable and cover any expense associated with the exterior aspect of your property. You can toss out your lawn mover and tall ladder that you used to use to paint your home. The Landscape and Maintenance Units regularly schedule the mowing of your lawn and the painting of your home.

Shisssssssssssh!!! Now remember, mum is the word. Don’t tell a soul about our own little Shangri-La. Crosswoods is our oasis in this ever maddening world.